Hours and Appointment Etiquette


Please arrive to your appointments 10 minutes early. Arriving early allows you to have time to use the restroom, and to fill out any paperwork that may be needed. Late arrival will be accommodated if possible, but cannot be guaranteed the session time to extend beyond the appointed end time. Please be aware that you are responsible for your scheduled appointment. A 24 hour cancelation policy is in effect. You will be charged the full amount of your session if you "NO SHOW" Emergencies and dangerous weather are automatically understood to be excused, but please do notify in advance if at all possible.

Booking can take up to 4-8 months at times but specified times may be accommodated if cancelations occur. There are times when there are no new clients accepted, there is high demand and there is only one therapist.

Gift Certificates can be sold as long as the recipient already has a scheduled session. 

Kayla also is very active in the community, so it is important to remember that if the office is closed there is a good chance Kayla is out there serving.



Please refer to the Covid page for more information.



Sunday By Appointment Only
Monday By Appointment Only
Tuesday By Appointment Only
Wednesday By Appointment Only
Thursday By Appointment Only
Friday By Appointment Only
Saturday By Appointment Only